Personal Covered Parking With Heating Elements

Your Personal Covered Parking On-The Go...

Was The Last Covered Parking Space Taken Before You Made It There...?
Tired of Sweeping Snow Off Your Windshield After A Stormy Day....?


Nehtrin Is The Solution You've Been Waiting For..........

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  • Easy To Use

    Just place on your vehicle, remotely activate and you’re done..

  • Anti-theft technology

    Equipped with security micro chip that is connected to your vehicle security system

  • Durable

    Lightweight, compact and easy to carry

  • Solar energy operrated

    No wires or battery required, operates with solar energy

  • Saves Time

    Your vehicle interior temperature remains comfortable even when parked under the sun during summer.

  • Not Permanently Installed

    It has four stands with rubber magnetic base to help hold securely on your vehicle

  • Heating Elements

    Equipped with heating elements to automatically dissolve snow from your windshield and windows

  • All-year-Round Protection

    Helps protect your vehicle from harsh and unfavorable weather conditions all year long

This Product Is Currently Undergoing Development, Not Available In Stores Yet!

Nehtrin.....Your Personal Covered Parking On-The-Go!

Michael Owoeye Michael Owoeye, Product Inventor-Nehtrin