About Nehtrin 

Have you ever gone to the store of mall on a hot summer day or a busy weekend? Have you ever found yourself driving round and round in circles looking for a covered parking or a tree to give your vehicle a well needed shade so you don't come back to a car with a heated interior.....?

Have you ever stepped outside your house to go to work on a cold winter morning only to find your vehicle covered in snow, which means getting a plastic shovel to sweep the snow off your windshield and windows........?

...Nehtrin is the solution you've been hoping and waiting for!

Nehtrin is a revolutionary product created with every vehicle owner in mind. It was created to solve covered parking scarcity and removal of snow from vehicle windshields and windows automatically. It is both your covered parking and snow-dissolving init, all-in-one,   on-the-go.

Nehtrin is a very durable and light-weight unit that can be easily carried and stored either in the trunk of your vehicle or back seat. When you need to use it, just pull out the magnetic stands, place the unit on your car, SUV or hatchback, push the "ON" button on the remote and you're all done. When you get back to your car, push the "OFF" button, the shades retracts back into the main unit, the guide rails retracts and folds back into place automatically, you fold the stands and put it back in the trunk of your vehicle.

Nehtrin helps save time, protect the exterior of your vehicle from the harmful effect of harsh weather conditions and keeps the interior temperature of your vehicle at a bearable and conducive temperature when parked outside on a hot summer day.

The unit is equipped with anti-theft technology, a micro-chip connected to your vehicle security system, so you don't have to worry about it being stolen when lefton your vehicle.



Nehtrin.....Your Personal Covered Parking On-The-Go!